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i just remembered that i have a blog. i think i’ll use it again…



movie trailers are always more exciting than the feature length film anyway. the story comes to a close, after sucking away 2 hours of your life, you feel the brief warm sunset of satisfaction. then the screen goes black. that’s it. where are the characters now? where were they before? what was the answer to that question that went ignored? you will never know because the author is dead. you were led to believe that whole and perfect closure would sweep over you once the credits flew away. but that doesn’t happen. you feel cheated. you want more. well, i’m just going to watch trailers from now on. i’ll get to imagine the outcome, background and answers on my own. never knowing the actual depth of the story. i’ll take the thrill of possibility and anticipation over the moth eaten throw blanket of closure.
what is imagination anyway? is it hope? i imagine that if i didn’t have as wild of an imagination i would be happier. reality wouldn’t seem so bland. right now. don’t get me wrong, sometimes reality is awesome. kayaking 2 weekends ago. that rocked. but kayaking is the exception. shitty job, house cleaning and loneliness is the rule; the feature length movie. weekends, poker night, new camera photo sesh, those are all the good parts crammed into the movie trailer.

Grants Pass Fun and the Pear Blossom Run!

Thanks to my wonderful loving husband I was able to take a week off from the daily grind of work and bills to taxi my dear friend Marissa and her new little bundle of joy, Afton Rose, down to Grants Pass for a week of fun! I had two goals to accomplish while visiting my home town. 1. to have ALL the fun I could with my old pals (translated into not really sleeping for a week!) and 2. to continue running and eating healthy. Tuesday I went with my mom to Club NW for a light work out and sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. 🙂 The treadmills were full so I tried my legs at the eliptical. i have never been to fond of those machines, but it turned out to be a pretty good work out. Thursday I ran from the Club down Washington Street to the library and back. The weather was beautiful! Light breeze, people and landscaping emerging from hibernation and old victorian and craftsman style homes basking in the spring sunlight. I like Washington Street. If we ever move back to Grants Pass, i wouldn’t mind living in that neighborhood. So that was a 4 mile round trip run. Then on Saturday I got up with Emma, after staying the night at her house, at the ungodly hour of 6:10 am to make our way to the Pear Blossom run course. there were 1118 people in the 5k! We started last and weaved our way through the crowd, trying to make it up to the people who where actually running! This was my first time pinning a number on myself and zip tying a timing chip onto my shoelace. It was fun! Looking back I wish I would have ran the 10 mile, but there is always next year. Thank you all my friends and family for a wonderful week! I love you all!

Body Attack! (Marissa will get it….)

Hi Everyone! Well, I haven’t been blogging much about running and that is a direct result of not running much. 😦 Yes I may have put off running for over a week, and yes I may have eaten apple crisp and ice cream in bed last night, BUT I am back on the horse and ready to ride! Tyler (sweet dear, such a good motivator.) ran with me yesterday and pushed me for 5 miles. Tyler set up a punching bag in the garage on Sunday and I have been getting my ‘Rocky’ on! Man, a series of jabs and crosses for 5 minutes is a great workout. I feel pretty tough too, which is fun. We can’t find my hand wraps that I used to use in Chris Petty’s “Body Combat” class back in GP all those years ago (fun times!) so I have been using Tyler’s UFC gloves that Brad gave him last year, and they are a little gigantic. Anyone out there have some punching gloves they don’t want and would like to donate to a good cause (my sweet boxing skilz!) ???
Well, i am technically at work (not charging for this time though, gee I’m not that terrible of a person.) so I should go! See ya later!

More form tips

This one seems to be helpful too. I like the emphasis on ballance.

Distance Runners Form

I am going to try this out tomorrow. I’ll let you know how well it works! I you have form tips, let me know!,7120,s6-238-267-268-8210-0,00.html

Six Miles!

ok, so I know that 6 miles isn’t that far considering I am shooting for 13.1 in June, but I am pathetically proud to say that yesterday I ran my first ever 6 miles! And it only took me…… and hour and 15 minutes. :/ ya, pretty impressive, I know. (That was sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell!)

I didn’t think tacking on an additional 2 miles would be that much harder, but by mile 4 my shins and ham strings were screaming at me. I only had to work until noon yesterday and promptly strapped on the running shoes when I got home, so I had plenty of encouraging sunlight to run under. My plans where thwarted Wednesday and Thursday because of a late work schedule (I started a second job) and the spring daylight shortage. Tyler said I couldn’t run by myself in the dark and that I was to slow to keep up with him 😦 so after pouting about my feminine limitations for an hour I got over it and decided to rearrange my after work routine. From hence for it will be: eat, work, run, make dinner, clean the house and relax.

Tyler, as many of you know, enlisted in the Navy with a SEAL contract a couple weeks ago and has been training like a mad man ever since! I am very impressed and proud of his diligence. Today he had a 4 hour work out session with a SEAL coordinator and all the SEAL recruits in the area. I guess they work out together every few weeks to gauge their progress and stay focused. While I can’t really train with him for long distance runs, I can help him with speed work at the local high school track. Starting next week we are going to be timing each others sprints. I’m looking forward to that. The more time we can spend together before he ships out the better! I am going to miss him like crazy. If this half marathon goes well, I might become one of those hard core running buffs. Y’know to keep myself occupied while Tyler is away. Maybe I’ll run a full marathon next year. or just another half, but go for a better time.

Well, I hope you have a great weekend!